About Me

Hi, my name is Matt Chan.

I write here on my blog and elsewhere, on a variety of topics including Business, Startups, Digital Marketing, Web, Finance, and Self-Improvement.

As a student of life, I strive to learn and improve each and every day. I seek new and better ways of doing things, so I can fulfill my goals, ambitions, and aspirations as quickly and effectively as possible. I hope I can share some of things I've learnt - and some of the things I am currently learning - so that you can benefit as well. And likewise, in return, I hope you can contribute and teach me things too.

I currently live and work in the UK, and have previously done the same in Hong Kong. In the future, I'd like to head out to Singapore to live.

What I Do

Day to day, I offer digital and marketing consultancy to a wide range of companies. I help them with their eCommerce, marketing strategy and activities, digital transformation and more.

If you or your team would like to work with me, or you simply want to run a few ideas by me, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

What I've Done

Prior to offering consultancy, I worked as a Marketing Director, Ecommerce Manager and Web Developer. I've worked extensively in the telecoms industry (both B2B and B2C), taking care of Digital Strategy, Ecommerce, Marketing and 'New Ventures'. It was during my time in the telecoms industry that I learnt it was possible to do whatever I wanted, and be whatever I wanted to be! Entrepreneurship and financial freedom went from being something I only dreamed of, to being something I believed I could achieve.

I also co-founded and ran my own company Nunca Ltd with my business partner Dan. We did lead generation for companies who wanted to quickly grow their client base. It was the most challenging yet rewarding part of my career. I enjoyed every moment of it. As any founding member of a company will tell you, you must get involved in all aspects of your business. I found myself taking care of things, from janitorial duties to web development, legal matters to finance. Why did we stop? We were acquired!

And many years prior to all of this, I spent brief periods of time in the insurance, automotive, and nonprofit sectors. I studied law for a couple of years before I decided I should stop. I realised that my time was better spent on other things (family, business, non-traditional education). I did not graduate.


Let me speak at your event, do an interview for you, or consult for you. Alternatively, pitch your ideas, offer me your services or run anything by me!
Ping an email to hi@mattchan.co.uk or reach out to me via LinkedIn.